My Holiday Report

MCG Panorama
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Prescott Pym via Compfight

Hi everyone,

On my holidays I did lots of things but I focused on one thing, making a paper MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) . I made a News Report video but I couldn’t add it to the blog due to size problems. The task was to make a news report about the September holidays.  Some difficulties were that we couldn’t post the video on the blog. I have learned more about the features of iMovie and can show people how to use the app like a pro.

What did you do on your holidays?

Did you make something on the holidays?


From Jonathan

My Review of AFL Live 2 PS3


Hi Bloggers,

This is my review of AFL Live 2 on PlayStation 3.

My Favourite Things…

Stadiums are more realistic than AFL Live 1

New Players

New GWS Team

Great commentary by Dennis Cometti and Tom Harley

New great game play.

My Dislikes..

Not realistic players

Can’t make your own team in AFL Live 2

Not good music

They don’t play teams theme song when they win the game

Players don’t run out of the banner

Players and coaches don’t stand for the national anthem when it is finals time

Well that is my review on AFL Live 2 on Playstaion 3

Do you like this game?

Whats your favourite game?

From Jonathan